dogs rule everything around me

some angry vegan grrrl-stuff and a lot about puppies...yesss i like dogs.
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dikemb-e sagte: u r so precious i luv u

wow this is sooo nice (◕ω◕✿) thank youuuu

Anonym sagte: How do you calm yourself when you feel really anxious?


These are very good, I’m trying to add some more asap
1. turn the lights on and open a window
2. eat something healthy and drink ice cold water
3. find a comforting album to listen to whenever things get bad
4. take a long, relaxing bath
5. do yourself up in full make up and hair
6. be around people, even if you don’t think it will help
7. watch something funny on netflix
8. wear your favorite/most comfortable outfit
9. immerse yourself in a hobby like drawing
10. lose yourself in a really good book or movie
11. write everything you’re feeling down in a notebook
12. go for a nice long walk alone, just to put things into perspective



Of course I made friends with the closest dog to our group at the river 🐶 (at Edwards Crossing South Yuba River)